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July 26, 2011

Snacks "To Go": Best use of Last Minute Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits

Yesterday, I gave you guys a look into my list of "Go To" Walt Disney World Snacks, and I'm continuing that conversation today but with a different angle!  As I stated before, I usually purchasing the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan which  entitles me to 2 snacks each day, so during a week's stay, I will receive 14 snack credits per person...Multiply that by 3 of us... that equals 42 snacks!

We NEVER use all of our snack credits... In fact, we usually have a dozen or more left over.  This brings us to a great subject, "What to do with your leftover snack credits"... Well you certainly won't want to forfeit them.  I can usually be found spending my final moments at WDW in the Main Street Confectionery, looking to spend those last credits on items that I can easily pack and take home!  Main Street Confectionery, located n the Magic Kingdom is a probably the best place to spend your remaining snack credits...and you can do it all in one place!

Here is a list of what I spend my leftover snack credits on before leaving WDW:

1. Goofy's Candy Co. Packaged Candy

One of my favorite snacks at WDW (which I forgot to list yesterday) is ANYTHING Goofy's Candy Co.  I especially love the character-shaped gummies and sour gummy worms.  They are so soft and fresh!  The zip-lock sealed packaging makes these candies a perfect take-home treat!  I actually keep the drawer in my night stand stocked with my stash of Goofy's Candy Co. gummies!

2. Fudge

Although fudge can be purchased in many places throughout WDW, it is kinda one of my departing traditions to stock up on fudge and other items from Main Street USA! This fudge is made 'round the clock and is always fresh and tasty.  The fudge will be packaged in a cute little box which protects it during travel!

3. Mickey Krispy Treats

On my last visit to WDW I literally left with a dozen of these babies!  They are delicious souvenirs of Walt Disney World they even freeze well.  These Mickey-shaped Rice Krispy treats can be found all over the place and are available plain or with chocolate dipped ears!  They are packaged in a plastic wrapper, perfect for packing!

4. English Toffee Slab

This is a big slab of crunchy, buttery English Toffee topped with almond pieces...very similar to Almond Roca or Heath Bars.  As far as I'm aware, the English Toffee Slab is only available at the Main Street confectionery.  It IS chocolate, which is not the most ideal "take home" snack, but if you ask the CM's to wrap it up good, you'll be fine!  Mine survived a 5 hour car ride from Orlando to SC.

 5. Minnie's Bake Shop Cookies

The smaller boxes of Minnie's Bake Shop cookies are included in the Snack Plan.  There are a few different varieties to choose from and the kid's LOVE them! These are great treats for your long car ride home as they come in a handy resealable box. Minnie's Bake Shop items can found in many places throughout the resort.

So in closing, Main Street Confectionery is a one-stop-shop for all of your leftover Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits!  Be sure to stock up on all of your Disney favorites and save them for that rainy day when you really need a dose of Disney! If you missed yesterday's "Go To" Snacks Article, be sure to check it out!


Mitch said...

Wow, those Mickey Krispy treats look good. I'll be sure to hunt those down when we're there in Sept.

The CanaDisney Blog said...

LOL, we do the same thing - load up on snacks on our last day! Goofy's at DTD is also good, so much fudge!

Traci said...

Oh yes...loading up on snacks is a 'tradition' in our family too! We always come home with many rice krispie treats and other candies. You gotta love "left over snack credits" :)

Bird said...

Having Mickey Krispy snacks for our first day back to work sure helped lift our spirits!