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February 25, 2011

DGTG Goes to WDW: Beaches & Cream

OK... it's getting late and Downtown Disney is getting packed. You're craving something GOOD, but quick and casual that's open late...hmmm? Where do you go?  Beaches & Cream!!!!

Beaches and Cream, located at Walt Disney World's Beach Club Resort is a hidden gem.  This old timey soda fountain is the perfect place to pop in for a burger and fries!  Complete with apron-clad diner waitresses, a juke-box, and 50's style decor, Beaches & Cream is a must-do on your dining list!

Me at the Entrance to Beaches & Cream

Working Jukebox

DGTG columnist Jenna Lynn and Robbie with Beaches & Cream all to themselves!

The food at Beaches & Cream is delicious! The Menu features Cheeseburgers, Subs, Hot Dogs and Wraps as well as soups, salads and a HUGE list of Ice Cream Creations and desserts.

As I said before, on this night, we were in the mood for a good burger, and we found it at Beaches and Cream!  I ordered a cup of their chili and a cheeseburger to share with my daughter, and the waitress offered to split it for us which was nice!!!

The burger was big, juicy and not "overdressed".  The fries were crispy and not greasy! I was uberly surprised with the chili! It was very flavorful and meaty! Tasted homemade, which I was not expecting!

Beaches and Cream is home to the famous "Kitchen Sink": Eight Scoops of Ice Cream served with all the Toppings in the house and a whole can of Whipped Cream $23.99 

Myself and DGTG columnist Jenna Lynn with the infamous Kitchen Sink!!!


But we were sneaky and posed by one at a dirty table!!! The things we do for s story!

DGTG in Review:  Beaches and Cream is a great spot to hang out! B&C boasts beautiful views of Stormalong Bay and is situated right next to the Beach Club Arcade!  Reasonabley priced! We were able to walk in and be seated easily with no reservation. Staff is very friendly and didn't rush us out at closing.  Food is fresh and delicious!  B&C also has a walk-up carry-out window for ice-cream!

**We walked up with no reservation, but during an off-peak season at WDW.  Advance Dining Reservations are always reccomended and can be made up to 180 days in advance at or (407)WDW-DINE**

February 9, 2011

DGTG Goes to WDW: Akershus Princess Breakfast in Pictures

Walt Disney World's Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is a restaurant located in the Norway Pavillion of the Epcot theme Park.  During Breakfast, Akershus is home to "The Princess Storybook Breakfast" a character dining experience featuring the Disney storybook princesses.

Upon arrival at Norway, you will see "little princesses" everywhere, dressed in their royal best and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their favorite princesses! My family has experienced Akershus several times and my daughter enjoys dressing up for this royal occassion. 

Akershus ~ January 2010 and January 2011

Belle is the hostess for this event and is situated near the entrance for a photo-op.  A photo package per table is included with your meal.  We were on the Deluxe Plan and were offered a second package as well.

Breakfast at Akershus is served family-style and includes scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and potato casserole as well as juice and coffee.  There is also a buffet featuring fresh-fruit, pastries, breads and some traditional Norweigan offerings as well.

The princesses rotate throughout the dining room throughout your meal.  The princesses appearing at Akershus are usually Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Ariel.


The little princesses are invited to the "Princess Parade" and Bella was so excited
that her favorite Princess, Aurora grabbed her hand to lead the parade!

Yes, I received yet another B-day cupcake!!!! 

DGTG in Review:  Honestly, the food is just very typical of any other character breakfast at Disney but is not terrible. The atmosphere is busy and the restaurant is always packed!  An early reservation gets you into World Showcase before the rope drops!  The character interaction is the reason to go! If your children love Princesses, this is the place to go and costs less than Cinderella's Royal table! 

**Advance Reservations suggested! Make reservations up to 180 days in advance at or by calling (407)WDW-DINE**

**My family dined on the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan and because of this were given 2 photo packages.  Out of pocket or regular Dining Plan purchases come with 1 photo package per table.**

February 8, 2011

DGTG Goes to WDW: 'Ohana Best Friends Breakfast in Pictures

'Ohana Best Friends Breakfast located in Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort is my family's favorite character breakfast! This may be because we LOVE the Disney animated film Lilo and Stitch... or maybe it's due to the fact that my husband is an avid collector of limited edition Stitch pins... or maybe it's because I love the tropical ambiance of the Polynesian... it could possibly be that delicious juice they serve, or the character parade, or Mickey...or maybe it's this simple... Our family's motto is "'OHANA."  Whatever the case may be, we have made it a tradition to dine at 'Ohana the first morning of each vacation.

Myself at the entrance to 'Ohana

Breakfast at 'Ohana is appropriately served family style and consists of Hawaiian Sweet Bread and Fresh Fruit, as well as Bacon, Sausage, Breakfast Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs.  If you ask my husband, he'll say the best part, hands down, is the POG juice they serve in a carafe.  POG juice is a mixture of tropical fruit juices including Pineapple, Orange, and Guava and is SO yummy!

(L) Brother-in-Law Robbie pouring the POG! (R) Family-Style Fixin's

Bella and Stitch

Characters at 'Ohana include Lilo and Stitch, Pluto, and Mickey!  At some point during your meal a parade of characters will take place as kids of all ages grab a maraca and follow the nearest character.  The song from Lilo and Stitch, "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" plays during the parade.

            (L) Bella and Lilo                       (R) Me and DGTG columnist Jenna Lynn

A Birthday Cupcake!!!!

And to top it all off, a photo-op with the Big Man Himself..... M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E!

'Ohana continues to be my family's favorite Character Breakfast at Walt Disney World.  The food is decent, as far as character breakfasts go, the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, the character interaction is not rushed and features Mickey, and the POG is out of this world!!!!

** 'Ohana is a popular character dining experience and advance reservations are recomended. Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance at or by
calling (407)WDW-DINE**

DGTG Fashion Alert: Organic Cotton Yoga at Disney Parks

During a recent trip to "My Lavish Laughing Place" I became aquainted with Disney Parks' Organic Cotton Line.... Ooooh La La! I'm telling ya ladies, once you go organic, you'll never want to go back!  Luxury crossed with eco-consciousness... how can one go wrong?  The theme depicted on these comfy garments is:  Live, Love, Relax with our favorite mouse looking on!!!

Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Top
                     Myself (L) and DGTG columnist, Jenna Lynn, sporting our Organic Yoga Mickey Tops.             
                                      Available in Disney Parks or at for $49.95
View Image

Not planning a trip to the parks any time soon??? That's OK, because carries a limited selection as well!  Trust me... You'll love them! 

        Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse TopOrganic Mickey Mouse Yoga Pants
                           Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Top                             Organic Mickey Mouse Yoga Pants
                                                 $39.95                                                                           $39.95

Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Tank Top
Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Tank Top

DGTG's Fashion Alert: Disney Couture

DGTG's Fashion Alert: Disney Couture

Today's Fashion Alert styles come from's Disney Couture Collection.

Exclusive Harveys Ruffled Minnie Mouse Tote for Disney Couture
Exclusive Harvey's Ruffled Minnie Mouse Tote for Disney Couture

Harveys Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag by Disney Couture

Harvey's Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag for Disney Couture

Harvey's Signature Woven Seatbelt Bags pay homage to our beloved Disney and are offered exclusively at Disney Store. Husband and Wife design team, based in Orange County, CA guarantee their domestically made product to be “Magically Indestructable, “ so they should hold up to even the wildest of park-hopping days!

Cashmere Tinker Bell Sweater by Disney Couture                                                         Fitted Studded Minnie Mouse Top by Disney Couture
                             Cashmere Tinkerbell Sweater by Disney Couture                                               Fitted Studded Minnie Mouse Top by Disney Couture
                                                               $210.                                                                                                                                           $125.

When it comes to feeling like a Princess without having to bother with wearing your ballgown every day, the unique style of Disney Couture has got a girl covered. Throw these on layered with a Cami for that off-shoulder look! Great for a day at the parks or that special dinner afterward!

       Braided Ariel Bracelet by Disney Couture Shell Ariel Necklace by Disney Couture Coral Reef Ariel Earrings by Disney Couture
                              Braided Ariel Bracelet                                                    Shell Ariel Necklace                                                               Coral Reef Ariel Earrings
                                         $59.50                                                                              $69.50                                                                                               $59.50

These pieces from Disney Couture's Little Mermaid Collection are sure to make any princess' collection complete.” These unique jewelery items are sure to please any gal, especially...
The Girl...The Girl Who Has, Everything”

For more information on the Disney Couture Products featured in today's Disney Go To Girl's Fashion Alert please visit