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February 8, 2011

DGTG Fashion Alert: Organic Cotton Yoga at Disney Parks

During a recent trip to "My Lavish Laughing Place" I became aquainted with Disney Parks' Organic Cotton Line.... Ooooh La La! I'm telling ya ladies, once you go organic, you'll never want to go back!  Luxury crossed with eco-consciousness... how can one go wrong?  The theme depicted on these comfy garments is:  Live, Love, Relax with our favorite mouse looking on!!!

Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Top
                     Myself (L) and DGTG columnist, Jenna Lynn, sporting our Organic Yoga Mickey Tops.             
                                      Available in Disney Parks or at for $49.95
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Not planning a trip to the parks any time soon??? That's OK, because carries a limited selection as well!  Trust me... You'll love them! 

        Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse TopOrganic Mickey Mouse Yoga Pants
                           Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Top                             Organic Mickey Mouse Yoga Pants
                                                 $39.95                                                                           $39.95

Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Tank Top
Organic Yoga Mickey Mouse Tank Top

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