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February 8, 2011

DGTG's Fashion Alert: Disney Couture

DGTG's Fashion Alert: Disney Couture

Today's Fashion Alert styles come from's Disney Couture Collection.

Exclusive Harveys Ruffled Minnie Mouse Tote for Disney Couture
Exclusive Harvey's Ruffled Minnie Mouse Tote for Disney Couture

Harveys Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag by Disney Couture

Harvey's Mickey Mouse Messenger Bag for Disney Couture

Harvey's Signature Woven Seatbelt Bags pay homage to our beloved Disney and are offered exclusively at Disney Store. Husband and Wife design team, based in Orange County, CA guarantee their domestically made product to be “Magically Indestructable, “ so they should hold up to even the wildest of park-hopping days!

Cashmere Tinker Bell Sweater by Disney Couture                                                         Fitted Studded Minnie Mouse Top by Disney Couture
                             Cashmere Tinkerbell Sweater by Disney Couture                                               Fitted Studded Minnie Mouse Top by Disney Couture
                                                               $210.                                                                                                                                           $125.

When it comes to feeling like a Princess without having to bother with wearing your ballgown every day, the unique style of Disney Couture has got a girl covered. Throw these on layered with a Cami for that off-shoulder look! Great for a day at the parks or that special dinner afterward!

       Braided Ariel Bracelet by Disney Couture Shell Ariel Necklace by Disney Couture Coral Reef Ariel Earrings by Disney Couture
                              Braided Ariel Bracelet                                                    Shell Ariel Necklace                                                               Coral Reef Ariel Earrings
                                         $59.50                                                                              $69.50                                                                                               $59.50

These pieces from Disney Couture's Little Mermaid Collection are sure to make any princess' collection complete.” These unique jewelery items are sure to please any gal, especially...
The Girl...The Girl Who Has, Everything”

For more information on the Disney Couture Products featured in today's Disney Go To Girl's Fashion Alert please visit

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