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July 25, 2011

My "Go To" Snacks at Walt Disney World

I am a huge proponent of the Disney Dining fact I always upgrade to the Deluxe option which includes 3 snack credits per day!  Snacks at Walt Disney World come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the best ones can be purchased with a single snack entitlement from the Disney Dining Plan!

Here are my favorites and where to find them:

1. Ham and Cheese Croissant
One of my favorite spots in Epcot is Boulangerie Patisserie a quaint bakery located in an alley behind Les Chefs de France in Epoct's France Pavilion.  This yummy croissant only costs 1 snack credit and is big qualify as a light lunch option.  The flaky, buttery pastry is stuffed with shaved ham and Swiss cheese and is finished off in the oven! Oooh La La!!!! Don't miss this incredible snack credit value!

2. Carrot Cake Cookie
The famous Carrot Cake Cookie is one of my favorite snacks in all of WDW and can only be found at Hollywood Studios' Writers Stop.  This decadent dessert is less snack and more meal...It's HUGE.  It takes 2 hands to hold!  Two layers of moist carrot cake are held together by rich and creamy cream cheese icing!  This, again, only costs a snack credit and is big enough to share!

3. Pineapple Dole Whip Float
A snack with a cult-following: The Pineapple Dole Whip Float...  A huge swirl of this creamy frozen pineapple delight floats atop sweet fresh pineapple juice!!! What more could you want?  Find this one-credit snack option at 2 locations: Aloha Isle...just beyond the Adventureland Bridge in the Magic Kingdom...and at the self-serve station at the Polynesian Resort's snack bar, Captain Cook's.

4. School Bread
Is it a donut??? Is it bread???  I'm not really sure, but this snack is delicious, and I'm certain about that!  Grab one of these delicious morsels at the Kringla Bakeri in Epcot's Norway Pavilion. For me, it was love at first bite!

5. Cinnamon Rolls
To many, the Cinnamon Roll is a highly overrated snack... A word from the wise: DO NOT underestimate this Cinnamon Roll.  This ooey, gooey chunk of deliciousness can be found at The Main Street Bakery at Disney's Magic Kingdom!  I love eating one for breakfast, but they honestly make great snacks anytime of the day!  They are always warm and fresh!  My mouth is watering!!! Once again, these are big enough to share!

There ya have it: My "Go To" Walt Disney World Snacks!!! Is there something I missed? What are your favorite WDW snacks???


Jenn said...

This is awesome! I've done a ton of 'research' for our trip coming up in August to WDW and I love your snack ideas!

Jaime said...

Love this list! I appreciate that they are all in the parks, I'll be sure to add them to our dining plans!

Traci said...

OK, while you can't use a snack credit for this, the cheese plate at the Boulangerie Patisserie in France is my "must do" snack. Three types of cheese and a baguette all for around $5.95. So yummy!

Disney Go To Girl (Amanda Ficili) said...

Traci: That sounds RIGHT up my alley! I'm gonna go for that and a glass of Champagne next time!

Kelly said...

Okay now I am hungry for a trip and a Thanks for sharing!!

Jen said...

That cinnamon roll looks incredible, making me so hungry! The snack in Disney are so huge, although you can't use a snack credit for it, the mickey head rice krispy treats are amazing, and took me nearly 4 days to finish!!

tommy pinelli said...

Hi thanks for postting this