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July 21, 2011

The Alexa Mystery

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You have probably heard about the Alexa Page Rank phenomenon sweeping the online community, but have you actually acquainted yourself with Alexa? Have you discovered the importance of your Alexa Page Rank?

For those of you who aren't familiar with Alexa, let me fill you in.  The Alexa Page Rank system computes each website's traffic rank by verifying web usage from different sources including that from web surfers using Alexa's Toolbar searches, as well as other reputable web traffic sources.

In layman's terms, Alexa Page Rank scores your website based on the traffic it receives, and then assigns you a number rank based on those hits.  The lower your rank, the better.

I am curious as to how much goes into assigning Alexa Page Rank.  Mine seems to drastically fluctuate on a daily basis.  A week ago, My Alexa Page Rank worldwide was under 400,00 and under 100,00 US.  As you can see, My Alexa Page Rank is currently 681,000 Worldwide... 6,000 higher than it was this morning, even though I have had increased site traffic this week due to popular giveaways!

Why do I care? Your Alexa Page Rank is basically your website's reputation in a number.  Companies looking to do business will commonly refer to Alexa Page Rank to find reputable sites to deal with.  You could say that your Alexa Page Rank puts a value on your site as sponsors will typically pay more to those with a lower Alexa Page Rank.

I would recommend you become very friendly with Alexa and check on your page rank daily to see what's happening!  Alexa Page Rank is especially crucial to bloggers since your number can help you RISE or lead to your demise! I know I will be learning as MUCH as I can about Alexa in the near future!

I would also advise downloading the Alexa Toolbar so you can track your own hits to your blog... I know that I hit my own page several times when publishing. You should also consider adding the Alexa Page Rank widget to your sidebar to help improve your rank... not sure if that helps, but I've heard it can!

I guess it's all a big mystery.  I would be curious to hear from those of you who have input on Alexa Page Rank.  Maybe together, we can solve The Alexa Mystery!

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Unknown said...

I have been out of the blogging loop this summer. I had never heard of Alexa before - though I love the name (same as DD). I'll have to check it out before I head back to blogging this autumn!