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July 27, 2011

DGTG Splurge: Mickey's "Spooktacular" In-Room Celebrations Available this Fall at Wwalt Disney World

It was announced via the Disney Parks Blog that Mickey's "Spooktacular" In-Room Celebration will be available again this year at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Disney Floral and Gifts always does such a great job of putting together special surprises, but THIS one was voted as a favorite by Disney Resort guests!

The spooktacular experience begins before your little one even enters the room, because she will discover that Mickey has paid a visit and has left cobwebs and a Halloween-inspired sash on the doorknob.  Once inside the room, she will discover that not only has Mickey been there, but he has left a bounty of Not-so-Scary Halloween gifts, specially personalized for your little one!

Mickeys’ ‘Spooktacular’ In-Room Celebration Returns to the Walt Disney World Resort

I know Halloween is still months away, but if you're interested in this "Spooktacular" Expereince, you shouldn't hesitate.  This was so popular last year, that it sold out before Halloween!  The Disney Floral and Gifts department will create a personalized celebration for your that has something for everyone, regardless of age! 

Mickeys’ ‘Spooktacular’ In-Room Celebration Returns to the Walt Disney World Resort

If you're headed to the Walt Disney World Resort this Fall, be sure to call Disney Floral and Gifts to book this exclusive package before they are sold out!  Mickey's Spooktacular In-Room Celebration costs $375 and can be ordered by calling a Dream Maker at (407)WDW-GIFT.


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