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July 7, 2011

DGTG Splurge: Special Order, Custom Cakes from Disney World Resort Bakeries Add that Magical Touch to Your Celebration

Custom Cake - $65.00

Custom Cakes are a great way to enhance a special occasion at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Custom Cakes can be intricately designed by a Disney Pastry Chef to match your every request!  After reading more about the ordering process online, I found everything I needed to know right here at the DISBoards Cake Chatter Forum.

It is suggested that you call the WDW Cake Hotline (407-827-2253) to order your custom cake, but I personally had more luck contacting the bakery directly.  Since our party was being held at the Beach Club Resort's Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, I contacted the nearby Boardwalk Resort Bakery since I was unsure of who to ask for at the Beach Club, since they do not have a Bakery store front.  I was able to leave a message for the head pastry chef at the Bakery to call me back, and when she did, she referred me to Matt of the Yacht Club Bakery department... he is the pastry chef for the Yacht Club restaurants.

I was able to converse with Matt through a few emails and then he personally called me to ensure we were on the same page!  The process was seamless and easy, to my surprise!

I ended up ordering 2 mini wedding cakes on a cake plate with a White Chocolate Cinderella Slipper and sugar flowers in pink and purple!  I ordered on cake chocolate mousse filling and with buttercream frosting and the other, white cake with buttercream filling buttercream frosting.

I was then transferred over to the Custom Cake Department to complete my order and secure payment.  I was assured that the cake would be waiting on us at Beaches and Cream.

I was a little nervous, since I had nothing to go by.  I would just have to trust that the cakes would turn out according to what I had envisioned.

We arrived at Beaches and Cream Soda Shop, and luckily the wait for our tables was not too long, for a Saturday afternoon...(Beaches and Cream does not take reservations).  After about 30 minutes we were beckoned in to a set of table near the center of the restaurant and were surprised with the bouquets of DIsney Balloons adorning the table!

After a lunch of delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, the lights dimmed and the flashing lights started spinning (which happens any time a customer orders that Beaches and Cream Signature, the 'Kitchen Sink'), as the Staff and entire restaurant began singing "Happy Birthday" to Bella...followed by our cake!

I couldn't believe it!  The cake exceeded my wildest dreams...perfect for 3 little girls to share and SO unique!  The handmade sugar flowers were perfect and looked so realistic!  The slipper was such as sweet accent and tied the two mini cakes together perfectly.

After the cake was delivered, the girls received Mickey-Mouse Ice Cream Sundaes, which meant more cake for me to eat!!! And YES... it was as delicious as it looks!  The Chocolate Mousse filling was divine...the butter cream...the BEST I've EVER had!

All in all, Bella's 4th Birthday at Beaches and Cream was a huge hit!  The cake was such a special edition!  The girls had a blast, and including the cake, the entire party cost less than $250.00 and we left with priceless memories...This included the cake, lunch and drinks for the 3 girls plus 5 adults.  Can't beat that!


Jen said...

that cake is beautiful, I love the white choclate slipper, the kids must have loved it!x

Mouse Fan Diane said...

That looks like it was an awesome celebration and the cake looked delicious.

Beth Doda ~ disneymom2jhe said...

How fun! It looks beautiful and your daughter is a adorable!