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June 7, 2011

Less Than Wordless Wednesday: On Tour with Disney's Star Tours 2 from Disney World to Disneyland

From Coast to coast, Star Tours 2 is an attraction

OK, so I hate to brag, but how could I not... I am stoked to be able to say I experienced Disney's new Star Tours attraction at both Disney World and Disneyland within the opening weekend of each.  Star Tours: The Adventure Continues (in 3D) is, for the time being, my new favorite attraction! 

I must admit, I was not a big fan of the original Star Tours attraction and tend to identify with the popular belief that it was the cause of some serious cases of motion sickness!  Good News:  That feeling is gone! A ride aboard your new Star Cruiser is smooth sailing!

I have been asked several times about the difference between the two Star Tours, and in my opinion, the only difference is in the queue and the structure housing the attraction!!! 

Disneyland Entrance

Outside the Hollywood Studios Entrance

Whether it be at Walt Disney World, or Disneyland...hurry up and take a journey with Star Tours...

May the Force be with you!!! 

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Bird said...

You lucky, lucky girl! To experience both back to back like that! As usual, I'm so jealous!