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June 27, 2011

DGTG Fashion Alert: Disney Debuts "Shake It Up" Merchandise Line For Tweens

A new tween clothing and accessories line inspired by the characters of the hit Disney comedy series "Shake it Up" is coming to a store near you! The new merchandise program for tweens plays up the characters' dancing lifestyle and energy of the show and features a unique collaboration with Mattel and fashion collections at Target, K-Mart, Sears, Payless, JCPenney, Kohl's, and Macy's. The new products will begin arriving in stores this August through the holiday season.

D-Signed for Target:
Just in time for back to school, CeCe and Rocky, the female duo from Shake It Up, are the latest character muses for the popular tween fashion line of apparel and accessories called "D-Signed".

D-Signed is a departure from more general entertainment-inspired tween based clothing as these items do not portray the characters' likenesses. Instead, the pieces are inspired by the characters' looks and personalities on the hit series—the items you would find in their closet.

In the D-Signed CeCe and Rocky collection, both girls' styles come shining through in uber-trendy pieces mixing pattern and fabric, creating a fun and fearless look. Ultra-cool, rebel blacks are punched up with electric green, fuchsia and deep purple. Sequins, grommets and studs accent animal prints and dark mottled tie-dye to bring together a perfect, dance-ready look!

The mix and match pieces also allow young girls to also express their fashion sense with quality, mom-approved clothing at budget friendly prices. The D-Signed CeCe and Rocky collection releases on August 1st at Target stores nationwide and only.


Jennifer said...

My daughter will LOVE these clothes! Thanks for sharing this info.

Bird said...

My daughter is loving this show. She'll be begging me for these clothes in no time!

nena said...
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nena said...

My daughter wants to go shopping for clothes!!! She's so excited =)SHAKE IT UP .....