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June 27, 2011

Laissez le Bon Temp Rouler: Disneyland's Cafe Orleans in Review

From the moment you approach the entry to Disneyland Park's Cafe Orleans, you know you are in for a real N'awlins-style treat! The unassuming iron-clad entry way is situated in a cozy alley amidst the hustle and bustle of New Orleans Square.

We happened into Orleans Cafe after a recommendation from AJ of Disney Food Blog, and were totally impressed with the experience! Cafe Orleans is a popular table-service restaurant offering visitors a true taste of the Bayou.  The menu is limited, but fear not, it covers all of the typical "Big Easy" favorites including Gumbo, Crepes, Ragout, and French Onion Soup.

Cafe Orleans offers indoor seating with a French Quarter Cafe vibe but we chose to be seated at the lively  outdoor patio since the weather was impeccable.  The covered patio features cute bistro tables and boasts incredible views the Rivers of America. From here, you can watch the Mark Twain Riverboat and Sailing Ship Columbia make their rounds while dining in the beautiful SoCal climate.  If you listen really closely, you can hear the hoots and howls from the nearby Haunted Mansion attraction!

As I mentioned earlier, we came here by recommendation of Disney Food Blog, and not only did she recommend the locale...she also suggested we try her favorites while here...and you bet we fact we followed them precisely: Pommes Frites, Monte Cristo, and Beignets! Thanks AJ!

Pommes Frites - Traditional French-fried potatoes tossed
with Parmesan cheese, garlic and parsley, served with a Cajun spice remoulade $5.49
 We started our meal with the Pommes Frites and all I can say...seriously... is OMG!!!  These are fresh-cut fries covered in Parmesan and Garlic, sprinkled with fresh Parsley and served with a delicious remoulade!  I am a HUGE fan of remoulade and this one tops my list of faves!  It has a nice Cajun spice, but it's not over the top spicy.  At just over $5.00, I felt like we were stealing this sinfully delicious morsels and there were plenty to share!  What a fabulous way to start the meal!

Monte Cristo Sandwich - Sliced turkey, ham and Swiss cheese fried in a light batter
and served with berry puree dusted with Powdered Sugar. $17.49
 Next, we moved onto our entrees and when our server dropped these off at our table I immediately knew we should've ordered one and shared... Yes, it was as big as it looks and just as tasty! I am a Monte Cristo fanatic and this one is perfect!  If you're not familiar with this deep-fried delicacy, you've been missing out! This is one jazzy creation: A Turkey and Ham Sandwich, battered and fried...dusted with powdered sugar... and served with an oh-so-yummy Melba  Dipping Sauce which is like a berry puree.  The sandwich is perfectly crispy and isn't oily or greasy like you'd expect! It was absolutely divine and my only complaint is that it's too big! As if the sandwich isn't enough, it's served with a cup of fresh fruit!  Be sure to share!

"Mickey" shaped Beignets - Topped with Powdered Sugar served with Raspberry Coulis
and vanilla Bean Creme Anglaise $7.99
 And honestly, we were way to full to even consider dessert, but we just HAD to opt for the Mickey-shaped Beignets...I mean how could we not, right!?  Beignets (Ben-Yays) are a classic Louisiana pastry consisting of a light fried, sweet dough topped with powdered sugar...kinda like a donut, but less doughy and not as heavy...they're actually crispy.  This things literally melt in your mouth!  Here at Cafe Orleans, they're served with a decadent Creme Anglaise as well as Chocolate Sauce or Raspberry Coulis!  I must admit we were unable to finish them!

In review, I am now a fan of Disneyland's Cafe Orleans and can highly recommend it to those looking for a casual but tasty sit-down option at the Disneyland Park!  The atmosphere is a little hectic but the service was fantastic.  The food is yummy and the pictures speak for themselves! The portions are large, so consider ordering to share! 

Thanks to Disney Food Blog for the recommendation!  I think AJ was right on with her suggestions and I appreciate her input! Be sure to check out Disney Food Blog for all the latest in Disney Dining!

I DID make and Advanced reservation, but we decided to eat earlier and had no problem being seated an hour before our reservation!

Thanks for reading another Disney Parks Dining Review here at Disney Go To Girl: A Luxury Travel Blog!


Lace said...

The Monte Cristo sandwich at DL is the best I've ever had - something we always treat ourselves to. Never had a Beignets, but with all the chatter about them I will try the next visit .. also those Fries looked amazing... again not a big fry person, but with someone to share them I think I just have to try them! Thanks for all the info, now I'm HUNGRY ;-)

The World of Deej said...

Loved the beignets from there! Will have to remember the Monte Cristo come December:)

Bird said...

Those pommes frites are making my mouth water!! They look and sound sooo yummy! I'm only a new fan of Monte Cristo's through Cheddars, which is delicious, but I have nothing to compare it to. Anyway, my hubby and I always have to share the one from there as well. It's huge!!