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April 14, 2011

Disney Blog Hop Thursday: Keeping the Magic Alive

If you are stopping by from Babes in Disneyland's Disney Blog Hop, WELCOME!  Today I have posted Disney-related pics that were not taken at Disney Parks!!! 

On our last flight to WDW in March, the Delta pilots asked DD into the cockpit and awarded her flying wings.  The magic began before we even arrived at WDW!

DD and I with 2011 Disney Moms Panelist, Teronya "TRON" Holmes!  Stay tuned for Saturday's Post, an exclusive interview with "TRON".

Hope you've enjoyed these pictures!  It's amazing! The Magic of Disney is so engrained in all of us, even when we can't be at the Happiest and Most Magical places on Earth!  Thanks for helping to keep the Magic alive!  That's what the Disney Spirit is all about!  I think W.E.D would be pleased!


Donna Kay said...

How great that your daughter go to get her wings!! She mus have bee thrilled. Looking forward to your interview.

:DISTherapy said...

Your daughter looks just like you! You know I love your blog, and will be back for Saturday's post :D

Unknown said...

Sweet pics! Looking forward to that "TRON" interview!

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