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August 29, 2011

Disney Spotlight Karaoke Ipad App Unveiled at D23 Expo

A new Ipad App will allow Disney fans of all ages to rock out and sing karaoke style to their favorite Disney tunes.  Disney Spotlight Ipad app, available this October, will turn Ipads everywhere into a portable karaoke machine!  An accessories kit will be sold on the market and will contain a flashy microphone which attaches to the Ipad port. The microphone will be available corded or wireless.

The app features many "fine tuning" settings allowing users to control the speed, pitch, and tone of their voice... and if that isn't enough users will be able to create, record, and star in their own music videos which they can easily share with friends and family.

 The product, for now, will be exclusive to Apple platforms and will be available this fall and will retail for around $79.99.

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