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November 30, 2010

Heading to Fort Wilderness? Save $$$ with Off-Site Golf-Cart Rental

Headed to Fort Wilderness on your upcoming Walt Disney World Resort Vacation??? Planning on taking advantage of having an electric cart to "tool" around in during your stay???  If so, you can save a substantial amount of money by renting from an "off-property" company.

Currently, Electric Cart rentals are available at the Fort Wilderness Bike Barn at a daily rate of nearly $60.00 per day with no discount by the week.  This option has been well-worth it to my family and having the cart during our stay has always been a highlight!

Bike Barn Cart Decorated for a my Brother-in-law's graduation
This year, after a little savvy research, we are renting from Orlando's Golf Cart Enterprises.  With rates as low as $225. per week we will be saving approximately $200. Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort no longer allows outside companies to deliver the carts, so you must have a vehicle available to pick up your cart.

Golf Cart Enterprises Rental ~ $225. per week

 A savings like this will make "jetting" around the beautiful grounds of Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort even MORE fantastic!!!  I highly recommend having a golf cart during your stay at Fort Wilderness.  The walk from the Cabins to transportation or other facilities can be a trek... with a cart, just unplug, hop in and go. There are "parking" areas everywhere and you can leave your cart plugged in while you are off exploring!  Hope this tip can help save you money on your magical vacation.

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Anonymous said...

Orlando's Golf Cart Enterprises does not deliver, that is a problem :)